Our staff here at Fictional Church is truly a blessing! They work for no pay! (because they’re fictional)

Get to know them a little better below:

  • Pastor Guy has been with Fictional Church since we began, taking care of the flock and leading his sheep onward to glory! I’d like to say more here, but Pastor Guy is not real.
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  • Youth Guy has been leading our A.M.P.E.D ministry for the last 2 years. Educated at Florida State, we don’t hold that against him (often). Youth Guy often helps with the leadership of the contemporary service as well.
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  • Truly musical people are rare – which is what makes Ann so special to us a Fictional Church! Ann has been leading us in worshiping the Lord in the Traditional service for almost 2o years. She also directs the choir Thursday nights. Ask her if you want to help!
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  • Awesome weekly worship at the Real Deal Contemporary Service is Jeremy’s responsibility. He leads a band a varying size in providing the 11 am service with uplifting and stirring songs of worship and praise! If you’ve got musical talent and want to serve, please contact him!
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  • Dominique has been with the church for years as our Office Administrator. She’s also a member!
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  • For the last 3 years, Paul has served the church faithfully as our custodian.
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